Loudoun County

Home Energy Assessments
LEAP is now providing Loudoun County residents with Home Energy Assessments for single-family houses, rowhouses, and some types of condos. Sign up today to get started!

*Dominion Energy customers qualify for additional Home Energy Assessment installs such as: LEDs, hot water insulation, and faucet aerators for electric hot water heating.

If you’re a lower-income household, or on a fixed income, the assessment will be free. Give us a call to confirm if you qualify.

For households who receive assessments, LEAP can qualify you for rebates on and/or free energy efficiency improvements to lower your utility bills.

Please follow the link below and we will be in touch in 1-2 business days to schedule your Home Energy Assessment, talk about Energy Smart Rebates, or learn about other LEAP services. If you would prefer to set up your appointment or talk via phone, please call us at 434-227-4666.