Energy Assessments

Since 2010, LEAP’s professional building scientists have helped more than 4,500 central and northern Virginia residents devise and execute plans to make their homes more energy-efficient, comfortable, and solar-powered. We tailor solutions based on individual needs and budgets. Our client relations staff help homeowners identify rebates and low- to no-interest financing and connect them with vetted contractors to perform the work. We’ve logged hundreds of training hours to maintain our credentials and keep current in the most effective new technologies.

LEAP is here to serve your energy needs and assist you in accessing all available programming and rebates – the best way to get started is to submit our sign up form so we can begin to see the clearest and most cost-effective path forward. The list of tiers below offers insight into our offerings but is not exhaustive.

NOVA and other counties outside of Charlottesville/Albemarle

Walkthrough Audit and Report (60-90 min) – Tier 1

Description: During this 60-90 minute visit, you’ll get a visual evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency, the advice of one of LEAP’s BPI certified Residential Building Analysts, and a report with a personalized checklist of additional energy-saving improvements for your home.

*Dominion Energy customers qualify for additional Home Energy Assessment installs such as: LEDs, hot water insulation, and faucet aerators for electric hot water heating.

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Walkthrough Audit and Report with Air Infiltration Test and Infrared Scans (up to 2 hours) – Tier 2

Description: In addition to the walkthrough audit described above, the LEAP auditor will conduct an air infiltration test using a blower door and localize air infiltration locations and insulation gaps with an infrared camera. Any additional findings or recommendations will be included in your report.

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Comprehensive Assessment (up to 3 hours) – Tier 3
$495, plus $50 per appliance for combustion safety

Description: All of the above, including a prioritized report that includes estimated energy savings and ROI information for all of our recommendations. In addition, we will deploy other diagnostics tools as needed.

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Additional options:

Duct Leakage Testing (Duct Blaster) (2 hours per system)
$300 per system, $200 per return visit

Description: An objective measurement of total duct leakage present in your system. Required for most new installs in Virginia.

*Properties further than 40 miles from LEAP’s Charlottesville or Fairfax offices will incur an additional dispatch charge of $50.

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City of Charlottesville/Albemarle County

no-cost audits and reduced pricing for income-qualifying residents made possible through support from the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County

  • Tier 2 audits are FREE for households below $83,850 for a family of 4
  • Tier 2 audits are $45 for households at $83,850 to $111,199 for a family of 4
  • Audits are $145 to $495+ depending on inspection tier and additional options for households at $111,200 and over for a family of 4


  • 90-120 minute visit
  • Personalized report
  • Walkthrough Audit
  • Air Infiltration Test/Infrared Scans
  • Direct Installs for Dominion Energy Customers (LEDs, hot water insulation, and faucet aerators)

See above for other tier descriptions and additional options

LEAP administers Dominion Energy Virginia’s Home Energy Assessment program for Virginia customers.

Certain conditions apply. Offer subject to Terms and Conditions, as well as program guidelines. Call us for details.