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Coronavirus lockdowns have a serious byproduct: increased exposure to indoor air pollution. There are several tricks to lowering the levels of air pollution in your home and improving your overall IAQ, but our favorite is utilizing a stand-alone air purifier.


With a little attention to your HVAC maintenance, you can keep your home comfortable and even save money on your utility bills while you beat the heat. As high temperatures and high humidity head toward us, get the most out of your AC with these 5 tips from the pros themselves.


Whether you’re in the market for new kitchen appliances, or just need some best-practice tips for minimizing energy waste during the holidays, here are some tips for getting the most out of the season of giving.



The topic of natural gas versus electric home appliances is often debated, but when discussed among staff at LEAP, electric is the winner – hands down. After a few notable incidents just in the last month, LEAP Home Energy Analyst Ross Wood breaks down the risks and how LEAP works to detect and prevent dangerous… Read More »

The holidays are all fun and games until you are once again faced with the challenge of what to give your sweet Aunt Betty and Grandpa Jim. Then you are right back to where you were last year… and the year before that… and the year before that. Lucky for you, LEAP is here to… Read More »

Happy October, friends! October, or what I call “spooky month,” is a great time to chat about one of LEAP’s coolest, and spookiest, diagnostic tools, the infrared camera! LEAP uses this device to detect areas where outdoor air is entering a customer’s home. In some cases, I speak to customers who experience very high utility… Read More »

I can confidently say that climate change exists – there’s no debating it. I say this as someone who studied environmental change in both undergraduate and graduate school, as well as having witnessed its effects firsthand while conducting my thesis research in the Peruvian Andes. However, if you’d prefer to take science’s word for it,… Read More »

Whether you planted a tree, took reusable bags to the grocery store, or rode your bike, we hope you found a way to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. And if you didn’t, we’ve got your back! Here at LEAP, we believe Earth Day is every day, and reducing your energy use at home is… Read More »

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